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Smiley Face Logo Design

Few logo designs so fully capture the spirit of happiness, friendship & peace as the classic Smiley face logo design.
The creation of this classic logo illustration is generally attributed to Harvey Ball, a Massachusetts graphic artist, who designed the logo as part of a friendship campaign following the merger of two insurance companies in 1963.
This simple cartoon logo was originally printed on only 100 badges with the words “Have a nice day” but by 1972 over 50 million smiley face cartoon badges had been produced.
In 1999, Harvey began the World Smile Corporation to help promote the original message of spreading peace and good will. The first World Smile Day was celebrated the same year (& there was even a smiley stamp design released by the US postal service)

Today, the Smiley is one of the worlds best known logo illustrations, and variations of these happy cartoon face have become an essential part of internet culture as the Emoticon , ":-)"

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The smiley has made numerous appearances in comics and cartoons, including the cover illustration of the graphic novel "Watchmen" & a three eyed variant in the 1997 comic book series "Transmetropolitan".

Watchmen, Watchmen Smiley, Watchmen Cartoon Smile design, Comic Character design Transmetropolitan, Cartoon Smiley logo

A new Cartoon logo design could create the same sense of happy, joyous fun for your business, corporation or sporting club,
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